Saturday, 6 September 2014

morning routine

Hello lovely people, I'm looking all 'au-naturale' in these morning pictures :)

Every morning I have a hot cup of honey and lemon water. It helps kick your digestive system into action-which is great to have before doing yoga-and is great when you have a cold-which I do. The lemon adds to the already present acid and flushes out unwanted toxins. Honey acts as an antibacterial and beats infection that may be present in the body. With the addition of doing asana yoga, your digestive system will be smiling. After having some, I feel instantly energized, as the honey is an immediate energy booster and the smell of the lemon naturally relaxes and can help uplift your mood.
I highly recommend that in the morning you have this wonderful drink, as it really works wonders and has many other amazing properties which you can read into online.

My friend  also showed me this amazing recipe for vegan pancakes. They are basically protein pancakes and they are delicious!
All you need is:
-Coconut oil to cook them in
-Vegan protein powder
- Coconut milk
-Chia seeds

I put blueberries and cashew nuts to give myself more to eat, as I love a big breakfast!
I hope everyone is having a great beginning to September!

Thursday, 28 August 2014

As above, So below

So the autumn days are now upon us-particularly in Britain; the wind has a sharp, cool breeze which makes me have to pull my scarf close. I have been suffering for the last few days with a really bad cough, subsequent of Reading festival. During the summer, I was sad and already becoming nostalgic of the summer months end and the imminent cold, but, now it is becoming cold, I am embracing it. Perhaps this is because every year with winter my fascination with witches and paganism resurfaces. I always associate winter with the time of witches, tarot and psychic readings. In recent days I have been wearing all black, with dark lipsticks and reading into my books on Paganism. I am fascinated by the beliefs of Paganism and their views on nature and it's paramount significance in the balance of all life. With the new found inspiration, I have been focusing on understanding more in depth my tarot cards and their significance in understanding my subconscious feelings and thoughts (this is so steam of conscious right now !)
There's something so aesthetically pleasing about being in a room filled with candles and tarot readings, with Kate Bush playing in the background under the full moon.
I think it's interesting how people (or maybe it's just me) are affected and inspired by the weather, which triggers a certain mood, feeling and aesthetic associated with the feeling of the either warmth or the cold.
Anyway, with this new found inspiration, it has therefore affected the direction of my online store, which I have decided I am going to be selling Palo Santo Sage Kit's; Crystals and Aromatherapy and maybe even vintage clothing. I love all these ideas which are flying around my head!
I expect this blog will take a more 'darker' vibe in the coming months, but I always feel inspired doing these posts, they seem to pull all the ideas I have in my head together into a coherent aesthetic which I can apply to my everyday life.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

New Wave 1

New Wave is a weekly feature I will do on the things that I find interesting and cool during the week. I like to find things online that inspire me and fuel my creative passion for the week. So, here's to the first one which- I hope- will inspire you and make your week that much cooler !

Probably one of the most talented musicians I have ever come across.

Joy Division Foldable Leather Tote by Ionnoi 

Desillusion Magazine is the coolest magazine out there on surf and skate culture. Tome 2 out and I am definitely going to get it!

Striped Muscle Oversized Tee 

All Seeing Eye Hand Amulet by MudPuppy 

Association Shop 

Okay, so this first one was more of a materialistic post, but other New Wave posts will involve articles I read, books, films ect. I am very excited for these posts! 

Monday, 11 August 2014


The launch of some new products in my online store Surfisnotdead. Inspired by the sea and the ocean, the collection of one of a kind products draws inspiration from surf and skate culture which I am avidly a part of. The store includes jewellery such as crystals, wall hangings, tote bags and soon art and ceramics. You can look at the store at

So much time, effort and planning has gone into this and I am only just beginning. I hope this will lead to great things and give me the opportunity to travel more and adventure.

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