Monday, 23 December 2013

Kee Boutique

These are the photo's I got to take for Kee Boutique this past summer. It was great to be given this opportunity by such a wonderful brand.
I hope to be updating a lot more soon x

Saturday, 16 November 2013

weeping rivers

Photography: Hannah Hansen
Model: Zoe Mumford
Stylist/HMUA: Abi Jones

Friday, 20 September 2013

Wild Winds

self portrait taken during a shoot
It has been a while since I last posted, almost a month. I needed a break from posting my work online, to reevaluate what I was doing, what I wanted and what I wanted my work (photography) to represent. After a while of internal thinking and questioning I have been able to answer most of these questions, and know the path I want to take and what I want my style to be. This clarification has awakened a new excitement and eagerness within me, and also brought peace; I would get so worked up over what my work was, what it meant to me, whether it was just meaningless and superficial, but now I know what to do. This abrupt change in feeling was inspired by Sally Mann's documentary 'What remains' and now Sally Mann is one of my favorite photographers, as her photos are real and not something fake and meaningless, they are photos of the things she loves.

 I am now coming back to the internet with many amazing collaborations to reveal and new work which I am happy with. I am collaborating with a designer of beautiful clothing, something I have wanted to do for some time, and I am also collaborating with an amazing stylist on a year long project! So, it's safe to say I am pretty happy. On a more off topic note, I am getting into making organic, natural soap which I am really enjoying at the moment!

I will be trying to update weekly, but with starting a new school and being busy, I will do my best.

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Bedroom Objects

I have been experimenting in different mediums of photography lately, to help strengthen and clarify my own style. I now have my own 'studio' in my bedroom. I have never done studio photography before, or still life, but I really enjoyed it, more than I thought I would have. It was aesthetically pleasing laying all the objects out in a certain way, and coordinating the different bedroom objects together ( I am very particular about these kind of things). My favorite was the crown and the sequins, just for the joy of seeing so many sparkles. The pink backdrop is just...amazing!
I have taken some portraits with my new backdrop, but I am yet to release them. I am really enjoying just having fun with photography and exploring the different mediums; I never want to stop taking pictures!!!!
I hope you like these photos and I hope to show more pictures with my new backdrop soon.
-I have only just realized, that my photos coordinate with the colour of text on my blog :)

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Zara Von Benzon

 I am so grateful for the people I know. Zara Von Benzon is one of those people that you just can't not like. She is a dear friend of mine, and covers all creative mediums. I often wonder to myself how she does all the things she does, while keeping up with school work and not burning out from exhaustion...a mystery of the universe. 
Zara's photos are like something out of a dream, the story of a teenagers life with her friends, told through nostalgic photos which consist of rich colours and intimate moments; I can't help finding myself thinking how wonderful it is to be a teen when looking at her photos, despite the hormones and stuff! I hope you love her work as much as her personality, I cannot wait to see what this bright one does next !

Tell us about yourself?
I'm a sixteen year-old wanna-be photographer, philosopher, activist, artist, longboarder, musician and Alexander Supertramp. When I'm at home, I spend most of my time making and eating pancakes, reading, thinking, crying over bands, making lists, taking photographs and hanging out with my bezzies.

What creative things do you enjoy doing?
Everything! I love photography, fine art, doodling, attempting to be musical and making junk out of recycled scraps which I then subject my friends and family to as gifts.

Where do you get your inspiration?
Mainly people. As well as my two artist best friends and my sister (the most inspirational people I know) I'm currently obsessed by strangers - whilst travelling this summer, I met so many incredible people with such interesting stories! Other than that, the work of artists (in a broad sense, including writers and musicians) and, of course, life itself, especially travelling.

What is your preferred creative medium?
But I do love a good fine-liner. 

Ideally, what would you like to do as a career?
Ideally, I'd be a musician or a writer or an artist or a great philosopher or a poet - preferably all five! In reality, however, I have very little talent in any of those, and I'll probably end up in something quite different, like physics. Or maybe I won't have a career at all, and I'll spend my life on the road...

Where is your dream place to live?
Somewhere secluded and beautiful and wild, probably in America or Sweden - somewhere like that. Honestly, I feel most at home when I'm travelling, so I'm not sure I'd want to live in one place permenantly, however magical it might be.

Do you think age should limit a persons goals and achievements?
I don't think age has to - and I don't think it does - limit creative goals and achievements if the young person doesn't see their own age as relevant to their work, but it does change other people's perceptions of the artist. Whether it's focused on patronisingly or because people think it makes the artist more of an inspiration, most of the time age is seen as a big deal by others. I don't know whether I've really answered the question, but I guess I'm trying to say no. 

If you could change your name, what would you call yourself?
No idea! I don't particularly like or dislike my name, but I've never been called anything else (apart from nicknames like 'Boy' and 'Zed') and I've never really thought about it. If I had to choose a new name for myself, I'm sure I'd spend most of my life trying to think of one.

Do you like collaboration projects?
I've never done a collaboration, but it's definitely something I'd be interested in. I love the idea of sharing ideas and skills to make something even better than you could do on your own.

Could you give us a playlist of your 10 favorite songs?
I wouldn't be able to narrow my favourites down to just ten, so I'll give you a list of some songs I'm currently listening to.
Now, Now - Thread
First Aid Kit - Emmylou
Eddie Vedder - Society
Boy and Bear - Fall At Your Feet
The Growlers - Acid Rain
SoKo - We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow
Dry The River - History Book
The Cadbury Sisters - You Choose
Sixpence None The Richer - Kiss Me
Ben Howard - Old Pine

You really have to check out Zara's photos on her Flickr page
Her work is amazing !

Sunday, 25 August 2013


Peace is the sacred,
door which leads to the,
mountains of tranquility.
Lost urban jungles,
Drenched in pure pale light.
And rattled key chains.
We lose our vision to,
comprehend. The power
of unity.

by Hannah

This is a poem I wrote, and is important to me and has an important message, perhaps you will understand.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

An absent minded girl

My favorite self portrait

I haven't been here in a while. Life has been so busy! I went on many trips and holidays, one with my best friend where I shot a short film in Cornwall. It is in the making at the moment, and I have a shoot to go with it. I then photographed a festival as official photographer, which was amazing! I met so many amazing people, who were free and knew circus tricks, I was kind of consumed by the awesome people. So many people I relate to in one place, with great music- needless to say-I was ecstatic. Since getting back I have organised a collaboration with a designer, an amazing one too, I can't wait to do the shoot with her clothing line. In some ways I can't believe all the stuff that is happening -photography wise- I only ever dreamt of collaborating with a designer, due to being young, which I know is a weird way to think for me because I always say never let age or anything stop you from achieving your goals and dreams, but I was sceptical. But, this brand gave me a chance, and now I am confident to approach many more. I also had my first test shoot with an agency this summer, which was great, it took place in Richmond Park and the photos are up on my website. I have also changed sites to 4ormat and I am creating my new website/portfolio; it's looking rather great and I question myself why I didn't join the site earlier. So, I think that is all I have to say. Summer is sadly drawing to a close, but I am trying to train my mind to live in this creative, bubble, weird, summery state so I can live out the winter months and still be productive and not be stifled by the cold.

Here is a self portrait shoot I did this summer, my room has changed so much since then. Perhaps I am changing as a person, evolving...

Friday, 19 July 2013

Undiscovered: Abigail Jones

I have decided to take on a new project. I am fascinated by creative teens, who are making art and exploring all things creative, and doing things amazing, despite their age. However, I realized there are only a few of these teens out there that are making themselves really known, and their are many other teens who are  doing these inspirational pursuits, but are not recognized. Therefore, I have created this section on my blog dedicated to teen creatives, where I will interview them and take photos of them, not only giving them exposure, but hopefully inspiring other teens and people out there to follow their dreams and passions too.

So with that I give you my first interviewee. I had to choose this girl, as she is one of the biggest inspirations in my life. Her name is Abi Jones, and she is a 16 years old illustrator, fine artist, model and awesome teen!

Tell us about yourself?
 I don't really know a lot about myself. I mean it's such a broad and extensive topic, and I'd make it all weird and complicated, so I will just explore myself in terms of art and whatever. Yes, I'm really into mystery, mythology and disturbing, beautiful, sad, broken things-at the moment I have been voicing natural imagery in a fallacious synthetic way, kind of like many layers of decadent theater stage decoration, or pop up castles and paper ballerina's, like in the tin soldier fairy tale.

What creative things do you enjoy doing?
Creative things, idk man, I think everything creative, not in just obvious terms either. I mean, even dreams are creative. I like to think that the creativity stifled and undiscovered in my subconscious is able to manifest  over my dreams. Dreams are terrifying because they're biographical-last night I had a haunting dream about a terrible event/stress in my life that I haven't even thought about for many months-it concerned me because a section of my mind tortures itself without my unconscious knowing.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Like I just said, dreams, literature and ideas, art , music. I'm really into a tumblr site called 'creepydesu' which takes art from peoples pictures, It's theme is that of disturbing and innocence. Sometimes I feel bad about finding corruption and innocence interesting, but I think it's because as a child maturing you become aware of corruption and it is traumatizing. Maybe I try to turn it into an independent power thing-the corrupted ones trying to understand and find themselves in a which alternates spirit from body and objectifies.

What is your preferred creative medium?
IDK, probably ink and pen, I am a compulsive drawer of detail and little whimsical things. I'm more into comics right now, combining story with illustration. I have also found it easier because I can completely zone out and meditate whilst drawing, it becomes more emotionally expressive and cathartic.

What would you like to be doing as a career?
As a career...idk, unfortunately the terrible corrosion of self doubt enjoys pissing on my dreams and setting them alight sometimes. So, I build the ideas up. I might say, ideally, I should be confined to a room with a window and inks and paints. I have a lot of emotion and anger at myself for failing at being normal and social isolates me so that I can express myself. I like to brood, I hope what I say makes sense?

Where is your dream place to live?
Probably some elaborate crippled manor house on a Gothic hill with a dungeon. I'll probably set up a bakery there. I like the idea of the neighborhood kids fearing me, when really i'm this awesome botanist, artist, witch!

Do you think age should limit a persons goals and achievements?

 I don't think age limits goals, people limit goals. Age certainly limits artistic independence, because most kids have school and find it difficult to make decisions between work and art creativity. Then you are told you will be unleashed into the world, and your like 'WTF'?!

If you could change your name, what would you call yourself?
That is the most difficult question of my life-man! I was previously known as Ramon because I like food. I realised-however-that this name was probably taken by a pale obese man dedicating his life to world of Warcraft in his parents spare room-Ramon was the username. So, yeah, I'll just be Arme or something random Arme for Amethyst because it is the stone of inspiration.

Do you like collaboration projects?
Well, I'm a social creep, so would probably fuck them up at this age. I work better alone, but would hope to in the future!

Could you give us a playlist of your 10 favorite songs?
Height Down-John Frusciante and River Phoenix
Hole-Asking for it
Debussy-Girl with flaxen hair
Blanche Blanche Blanche
Yura Yura Teikoku-Beautiful
Cocteau Twins-Peppermint Pig
Aphex Twins-Xtall

I need to add two more!!!
Smile from the streets you hold
Curve-Horror Head

Thanks Abi :) She does not when she does, I will let you all know!

Monday, 1 July 2013

van life dreaming

 By The Current Sea Boys 

By Cyrus Sutton
I have been dreaming endlessly about buying myself a camper van, and taking off into the world to explore and see the wonders earth has to offer. There is an affinity with the idea of living in a van, travelling the country, living on little money,  filled with wanderlust and the urge to explore. It would mean sacrificing many everyday material objects, and not becoming too attached to things. In some ways, I like this idea, to have little objects; perhaps this is due to having too much stuff that it can become suffocating.
I am going to try saving up as much money as possible so I can one day afford my own camper van to go travelling in. I will fill it with large cushions, sheepskin blankets, dream catcher, books, postcards from all over, crystals, incense, and writing and art materials. I have been reading many blog's and websites which talk about living this adventurous van life, and I have become completely entranced; watching videos of surfers living in their vans and travelling from beach to beach to surf the rolling waves. I hope to surf one day, so if anyone has any tips on any great surfing places and basics on surfing- other than having a surf board- I would love to know!
Great blogs for van living- ,  and

(If anyone knows the owners or sources of these photos please let me know so I can credit, thanks!)
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