Saturday, 6 September 2014

morning routine

Hello lovely people, I'm looking all 'au-naturale' in these morning pictures :)

Every morning I have a hot cup of honey and lemon water. It helps kick your digestive system into action-which is great to have before doing yoga-and is great when you have a cold-which I do. The lemon adds to the already present acid and flushes out unwanted toxins. Honey acts as an antibacterial and beats infection that may be present in the body. With the addition of doing asana yoga, your digestive system will be smiling. After having some, I feel instantly energized, as the honey is an immediate energy booster and the smell of the lemon naturally relaxes and can help uplift your mood.
I highly recommend that in the morning you have this wonderful drink, as it really works wonders and has many other amazing properties which you can read into online.

My friend  also showed me this amazing recipe for vegan pancakes. They are basically protein pancakes and they are delicious!
All you need is:
-Coconut oil to cook them in
-Vegan protein powder
- Coconut milk
-Chia seeds

I put blueberries and cashew nuts to give myself more to eat, as I love a big breakfast!
I hope everyone is having a great beginning to September!

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