Monday, 20 May 2013


I have been really getting into film lately, there's a beauty to it that is so raw and magical, and the whole process of it is fascinating. I recently brought a Polaroid camera, and it is truly amazing, one of the best things I have ever brought, and I am immersed! I love waiting for the photo to develop, and the way I get a sense of nostalgia, even though there is no reason to, I think it is just the way it looks that is so appealing and magical. I hope to put on the blog some of my Polaroid photos that I have taken, but I'll have to see.
I have been falling more and more in love with photography everyday, and it's great to find something you truly love, and are passionate and motivated about, because as a teenager some of us find it hard to find our passions. So, I hope that you are all able to find your passions.
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