Saturday, 24 May 2014

surf is not dead

This is the jewelry I am now selling in my online store 'Surf Is Not Dead'. I am in the process of making many other adornments, such as ankle bracelets, chokers, the use of turquoise, which should be in the shop in a couple of weeks.
The jewelry is all handmade by myself and made out of the passion I have for creating pieces that reflect a lifestyle, that I am trying to achieve in my own life, and want to help others achieve in theirs.
It's for the free-spirited bohemian, beach babe; the girl who lives in a small house next to the ocean, making art, filming, taking photo's of her life with expired film. In the morning she does her daily yoga, then goes out to catch the best swell. She road trips with friends and dances on the beach at sunset in the golden light.
If this is you, or the person you would like to be, this jewelry can help complete your look.

Jewelry for the free.            check it out- includes FREE SHIPPING

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Bohemian Homes 1

This is the home of Jessica Barensfeld and Simon Howell who live in Brooklyn, Williamsburg.
I absolutely love their home because of its rustic style and there addition of plant-life, which seems to cover most of their home. My particular favorite part of the house is the stairs, which is in fact a ladder and looks like something from a kids climbing frame-in the best possible way!
The simplicity of the colour tone, wooden furniture and plants inspires the idea of a beach home, but more urban.
You can see the full feature and their interview on

It has really inspired me for when I get a place to call my own, which may feel far away, but, it's cool to think about.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Pura Vida

Pura Vida: Costa Rica saying for 'pure life'. It is a lifestyle which is relaxed and promotes the simple life and enjoying life.
Summer is here (sort of) and school is over (for now). I have been absorbed in a haze of warm, summer weather these last couple of days. The smell of barbecues and sun cream lingers in the heavy, warm air, stirring people in their sleep. I haven't been posting online recently, and I'm not sure why, the passion had drained out of me and my motivation with it. Sometimes I wonder why I let myself go through with such stress and things that make me unhappy...I'm still not sure why.
But, now I have a passion burning inside me and I want to do things again, I want to be creative and succeed. My passion has been brought back by this beautiful weather. My skin has turned golden and tanned(which is funny since I should burn as I have auburn hair). Me and my friend went out for the whole weekend skateboarding, photographing our adventures and eating vegan meals. Skateboarding is the best; we would skate down the roads and smile when the tarmac would be smooth under our wheels, allowing us to glide past people and cars. I have become obsessed with skating, and inspired by the likes of the Z-boys and Dogtown, and I want bring back that way of life! I like to think me and my friends are like the Z-girls, we don't care, we just want to skate!

The sky was a perfect blue, which fades as you look out to the horizon. We sat on the roof each evening to eat our meals; the sounds of people laughing in the distance. These days represent my youth, what I live for, sun, skate and photo-taking. And it's fucking awesome!
Sometimes we lose our passion and we feel weak and too insecure with ourselves, so we cower away instead of being loud. Now, I am ready to be loud again.
The light and energy from the sun has seeped into my pours and energised me. Life feels limitless and new!
I hope that there are people out there feeling the same way and living life Pura Vida.

These are the photo's from life recently.

me stretching while skating

one of my bruises after crashing into a metal fence-I have two others 

You can check out Abi's blog at really recommend her writing is witty and honest.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

new tattoo

Last night my friend gave me a stick and poke tattoo of the star constellation Pisces, my star sign. I also got a planet tattooed on my hand, but I haven't got a photo yet. Hope your all well.
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