Sunday, 12 January 2014

peach sunrise

With the start of the new year comes this strange surge of universal inspiration that anything is possible. What I found to be one of my first inspirations of the new year is the novelist and poet Francesca Lia Block, the writer of the Weetzie Bat books. I read the books last summer and I was completely blown away by the style of writing the book took on and the themes and subjects which the book reflected. It was as if everything I had ever wanted in my life had metamorphosed into a book! I was immersed, and now I always go back to them for inspiration. 

Her work often takes on the subject of LA, where her books take place, magic, scenery, beach life, romance, friendship, film, poetry and mythology. 
Below are a collection of images-which I mainly found on Tumblr-that remind me of her books and evoke a feeling of magic and sunny LA. (if anyone knows the credits to these photos please message me so I can add them)

kelseeirby flickr
Weetzie by Wildfox
Weetzie by Wildfox
Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks is a big inspiration for the new year, I cant stop listening to 'Rhiannon' and 'Gypsy'. She embodies magic, witches,spirituality and dreams. We bow to you Stevie. 


Photo I took on a recent shoot. The model in the photo has just made a blog and it's one of the best things on the internet, everyone should go and have a look at it for inspiration
On a different note, I have been working hard to create for all my wonderful followers to have a piece of my art. I am working on making an Etsy store to sell my prints and jewelry which I have been making. Also, I am working on selling presets for all you budding photographers out there who wants colour similar to that in my photos, but I have adjusted them to what I think you will all like. These colours are my secrets, by baby's, but, I believe you all deserve it for the support. There will be free presets you can have, too, as a treat. I will be releasing my first free preset this week. 

Have a lovely day, week, year :)

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