Saturday, 24 May 2014

surf is not dead

This is the jewelry I am now selling in my online store 'Surf Is Not Dead'. I am in the process of making many other adornments, such as ankle bracelets, chokers, the use of turquoise, which should be in the shop in a couple of weeks.
The jewelry is all handmade by myself and made out of the passion I have for creating pieces that reflect a lifestyle, that I am trying to achieve in my own life, and want to help others achieve in theirs.
It's for the free-spirited bohemian, beach babe; the girl who lives in a small house next to the ocean, making art, filming, taking photo's of her life with expired film. In the morning she does her daily yoga, then goes out to catch the best swell. She road trips with friends and dances on the beach at sunset in the golden light.
If this is you, or the person you would like to be, this jewelry can help complete your look.

Jewelry for the free.            check it out- includes FREE SHIPPING

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