Monday, 1 July 2013

van life dreaming

 By The Current Sea Boys 

By Cyrus Sutton
I have been dreaming endlessly about buying myself a camper van, and taking off into the world to explore and see the wonders earth has to offer. There is an affinity with the idea of living in a van, travelling the country, living on little money,  filled with wanderlust and the urge to explore. It would mean sacrificing many everyday material objects, and not becoming too attached to things. In some ways, I like this idea, to have little objects; perhaps this is due to having too much stuff that it can become suffocating.
I am going to try saving up as much money as possible so I can one day afford my own camper van to go travelling in. I will fill it with large cushions, sheepskin blankets, dream catcher, books, postcards from all over, crystals, incense, and writing and art materials. I have been reading many blog's and websites which talk about living this adventurous van life, and I have become completely entranced; watching videos of surfers living in their vans and travelling from beach to beach to surf the rolling waves. I hope to surf one day, so if anyone has any tips on any great surfing places and basics on surfing- other than having a surf board- I would love to know!
Great blogs for van living- ,  and

(If anyone knows the owners or sources of these photos please let me know so I can credit, thanks!)

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