Sunday, 18 August 2013

An absent minded girl

My favorite self portrait

I haven't been here in a while. Life has been so busy! I went on many trips and holidays, one with my best friend where I shot a short film in Cornwall. It is in the making at the moment, and I have a shoot to go with it. I then photographed a festival as official photographer, which was amazing! I met so many amazing people, who were free and knew circus tricks, I was kind of consumed by the awesome people. So many people I relate to in one place, with great music- needless to say-I was ecstatic. Since getting back I have organised a collaboration with a designer, an amazing one too, I can't wait to do the shoot with her clothing line. In some ways I can't believe all the stuff that is happening -photography wise- I only ever dreamt of collaborating with a designer, due to being young, which I know is a weird way to think for me because I always say never let age or anything stop you from achieving your goals and dreams, but I was sceptical. But, this brand gave me a chance, and now I am confident to approach many more. I also had my first test shoot with an agency this summer, which was great, it took place in Richmond Park and the photos are up on my website. I have also changed sites to 4ormat and I am creating my new website/portfolio; it's looking rather great and I question myself why I didn't join the site earlier. So, I think that is all I have to say. Summer is sadly drawing to a close, but I am trying to train my mind to live in this creative, bubble, weird, summery state so I can live out the winter months and still be productive and not be stifled by the cold.

Here is a self portrait shoot I did this summer, my room has changed so much since then. Perhaps I am changing as a person, evolving...

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